Energy Storage

The growing demand for renewable energy such as wind power and solar photovoltaics, supported by government policies, is leading to a rising need for energy storage solutions. For example, Algeria plans to build several solar energy plants with a cumulative capacity of 5 600 MW and Australia plans to develop a giant 42 000-acre wind power park that would generate a cumulative power of 1 000 MW.

A power-to-gas solution can efficiently address intermittent availability of renewable energy. With P2G, excess energy is converted into hydrogen gas that can be injected into the existing natural gas grid, which facilitates storage and transportation, or used in a fuel cell. It is an effective way to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.


Modular & scalable

Hy-Gen’s production units, the Hy-Cubes, are available in 3 sizes - 10, 20 and 2x20 feet. Each unit contains a modular number of standard generators that can be adapted to suit the expected power supply. This extreme modularity allows customization for each configuration, as well as progressive scaling to allow phased development.

Hy-Cube electrolyzers are containerized for convenient transportation and handling and are suitable for outdoor installation. A central programmable control unit reads the upstream resource and controls the hydrogen production according to the available power. Highly autonomous and safe, it is a reliable solution for remote sites such as wind farms or photovoltaic power plants.

Clean & Efficient

Our Hy-Cubes are designed and produced responsibly on our own plant in France. This ensures durable quality of the electrolyzers parts and reduces emissions due to transportation. We use recycled materials in our production process and our highly efficient AEM membrane is free of any rare and noble metals.

Each Hy-Cube is customized to match the requirements of each application. The control unit, equipped with our proprietary software, is programmed for efficient flow management and appropriate levels of safety. Thanks to our revolutionary solution, our electrolyzers offer one of the highest efficiencies on the market today

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Zero Gap® technology
The central control unit regulates and controls hydrogen production through upstream resource reading, consumables use and performance reporting. The proprietary software is programmable and designed to ensure efficient flow management.

Active safety of the system is also managed by the control unit through programmable automated systems and sensors located in different areas of the production units. Our units can be certified SIL 1 to 4 for hydrogen stations exposed to the public in an urban environment.
Each hydrogen production unit contains a customized number of standard hydrogen generators (stacks) organized in modular and scalable clusters. With total ownership of the production chain, we can manufacture customized units adapted to each application and desired output.

HY-CUBE® electrolyzers are available in 20-ft containers units producing up to 270kg of hydrogen per day, 40-ft containers units producing up to 540kg of hydrogen per day or 2 x 40-ft containers units producing up to 1080kg of hydrogen per day.
The key element of the Zero Gap® technology is an innovative Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) with an HHV electrolysis system efficiency of 79%, the highest on the market today. These efficiency levels are achieved by adding a layer of a compatible, cheap and sustainable catalysts on both sides of the membrane and at both ends of the electrodes.

Zero Gap® technology combines the advantages of both PEM and Alkaline electrolysis:
• Affordable
• Quick start & stop
• High efficiency
• High gas purity
• No rare materials used


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